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Are you ready to take your power back and meet the highest version of yourself?

 Take a step outside of that box with me. Allow me to guide you through the process of rewiring your subconscious mind and empowering yourself. I’ll guide you on an intensive, deep dive of self-discovery to rejuvenate and recharge your life force energy.

Book a reading, coaching or energy healing service today! 

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Psychosomatic Healer, Alchemist, and Soul Coach

Who am I?

A psychosomatic energy healer, channeler, alchemist, and soul coach. I am also an IWA Integrative and Holistic Wellness Certified Life Coach and Reiki I + II Certified Energy Healer with a Clinical Psychology, B.S. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


​What is a Psychosomatic Healer? 


As a psychosomatic healer, I am able to psychically and energetically assist you in the process of working through any mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances. I use a multitude of psychic gifts and clairs to assist in my work. Life force energy, also known as chi, qi, ki, and prana, exist and moves through our consciousness and connects us to higher states of consciousness. As an energy healer, I use my connection to these higher states of consciousness to channel this energy for the purpose of energy healing and delivering messages from higher realms. 


Everything is energy and where energy gets trapped within your mind, body, and energetic field it creates blockages that manifest as physical ailments and challenges in your reality. If energy is blocked, it can create illusions, incongruences and disconnect between our consciousness and higher states of consciousness; essentially, a blockage to our higher self. Sometimes we need outside assistance in order to move through blockages or to receive higher guidance, and that is where I come in. I am also a spiritual coach, certified to assist you in restoring balance through various applied psychology and holistic coaching methods. 


It is my mission to help each client unlock the hidden potential within themselves. I assist you in the process of learning how to transmute and alchemize energies that keep you unseen, unheard, overworked, and mentally trapped in negative emotions and scarcity. Through a variety of modalities, we first identify the problem and then coach you toward creating more balance. Each and every person has the gift of self-healing through connecting with the elements internally and externally. It is my goal to guide you through this process by providing you with the mindset tools, a safe space and the energetic facilitation to meet these deeper parts of yourself.  

While the healing work can be long, arduous, and maddening, the magic lies within the journey. This journey will empower, challenge, and renew you. If you are ready to step onto the path of self-discovery to unlocking a new way of life, a new level of peace and happiness, and the treasures that lie dormant within YOUR soul, join me and the Mind Geek Community today!



Tarot + Channeled Messages

Spiritual guidance and channeled messages from the angelic realms can offer insight into life challenges, energetic blockages, and soul lessons. I offer zoom calls at 30 or 60 minute increments. 


Soul Coaching

As a soul coach, I combine applied psychology, holistic mind-body wellness and my intuitive gifts to coach you toward balance in all areas of your life. I offer a variety of coaching services. See which service best fit your needs below.

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Energy Healing

Energy healing works alongside any conscious reprogramming work that you are doing to assist in clearing blocked energies in the mind, body and auric field.  


"The key to success is to start before you are ready."

Marie Forleo


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