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Energy 101 - Group Healing + Energy Education

Have you been seeking direction on your healing journey? Struggling to adjust to the shifts in energy internally and externally? Wondering how to properly cleanse, protect, and properly align your energy? 


The chakras are energy centers in the body that connect us to subtle energies in the etheric realm, making them a keystone to your spiritual, self-healing and/or holistic health journey. When properly activated, aligned and maintained, these chakra centers will flow with, rather than against, the Universal Life Force Energy (Ki, Qi or Chi) which offer us the ability to reduce the amount of dis-ease in the mind and body and disharmony with the world around us. 

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This 8-week group coaching program, is perfect for those who are on a self-healing journey and seeking a deeper understanding of their own energy and also great for beginner practitioners of reiki, qigong, and other energy healing practices! We will first begin our exploration with the basic mechanics of energy transference, how to protect, cleanse and shield your energy, as well as the basics of what “kundalini energy” truly means. We will then go through each of the 7 chakra centers and their importance to your healing journey. You will receive an in-depth guide on each chakra, along with techniques for clearing and rebalancing through essential shadow work prompts, diet, yoga poses, mudras to activate the energy meridians and more! 


For less than $30/class you’ll receive a weekly lecture, Q+A, mini energy healing via Zoom and a user-friendly guide to self-healing to follow along and refer back to as needed.


This program will begin October 16th and run through December 4th. You will receive a weekly digital pamphlet and zoom link for the lecture/energy healing session which will be held every Monday at 2pm PST/5pm EST. Sessions will include lecture, Q+A, and a mini energy healing at the end. All sessions will be held through a group Zoom call. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns -


To join this program, you'll need to create a login account. This will give you exclusive access to certain content. Go to the drop down menu and click "login" to create a username and password. Once you have an account, you can signup under "programs" in the main menu tab. Spots are limited, so be sure to secure your spot now! 



By law I must state that the information shared during a session should never take the place of licensed legal, medical, psychological or financial personnel. Audrey Berrier accepts no liability for any action the client may undertake. ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. Purchasing this service means you are aware of all of the above and agree to all.

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